Following Bliss, Together with Horses

Welcome to Horse Wisdom Yoga®! The Horses and I are so delighted that you are here!

As a child, I had an undeniable connection to animals. I was gifted with the ability to "hear them speak".  I was also born an empath. I connected deeply with the energy of others, humans and animals. So much so that it almost felt like I could "see their Souls". While this has now become a great gift in my life, it was quite confusing as a young child. My journey with horses began as a highly sensitive, young city girl visiting the farm. The very first time I looked into their large, soft eyes; they told me a story. A story of wisdom, a story of hope.  They reflected back to me my own highly sensitive, empathic nature. Many years later, in 2004, I began a journey to my authentic self, diving deep into contemplative practice (yoga, meditation, art, poetry...) and back into the eyes of the horse.  Through this creative journey, I found my life purpose (Dharma). Over a decade later, held by the love and support of family and spiritual community (Sangha), I am privileged to share yoga guided by the power of the ancient practice, partnered with the ancestral wisdom of Horses from our incredible Horse Teachers.  Through their highly sensitive, non predatory nature and their ability to honestly reflect human energy, imbalance and emotion, the wisdom of the Herd has taken contemplative practice to its deepest level of self-realization. Yoga is so much more than physical postures and poses. Yoga is how we speak, how we eat, how we treat others and how we show up in the world. Yoga is a creative way of Life. The Horses guide us through their purity and connection to "walk the talk" of Yoga.  Horse Wisdom Yoga®, as developed and practiced on our farm, is not yoga on horseback and no riding takes place. The Herd is honored exclusively as teachers where they are able to share their wisdom, hold space for the creative self-expression of humans and join us as we move through the transformation from "doing yoga" to "being yoga" in all aspects of our lives, on and off the mat. 

The sister science of Yoga is Ayurveda, with a literal meaning of "knowledge of life". Ayurveda nurtures this deeper connection to Self (Purusha) experienced with the Horse as Teacher undoubtedly finds its way into day to day life off of the farm, enriching relationship to Self and others while encouraging regular spiritual practice(Sadhana). Ayurveda emphasizes self care and self knowledge, achieved through self-study (svadhyaya). To know and care for yourself in reverence to All That Is (God, Source, Creator), will guide you to self love, inner peace and, ultimately spiritual freedom. The Horses are able to facilitate and demonstrate, through observation and experiential learning, the many aspects of this "knowledge of life".

My personal transformation, guided by the horses has led to my partnering with the magnificent Herd in developing these one of a kind offerings which build the bridge from head to heart while deepening contemplative practice, revealing limiting thought patterns and belief systems..and leading us to this very moment.  The Sanskrit (language of yoga) word for horse is "Ashva". The literal meaning of this word is "not tomorrow".  This is so true to the wisdom of horses as they so gracefully bring us right to the present moment where time stands still in their presence. Ultimately, we realize, that time always stands still when we allow ourselves to be present and we are relieved of the stories of the past or worries about the future. We come to realize the thoughts or patterns that hold us back from living our very best life.  In this partnership with Horses, we realize our duty to listen compassionately to our Horse Teachers and care for them in a way that promotes their holistic wellness and empowerment!

Whether you are an individual seeking personal transformation, seeking to expand your professional practice, or looking for a mutually beneficial and meaningful way to be with your Horse(s), we invite you to join us as we weave ancient practice with ancestral wisdom of both human and horse.

Together, the Horses and I are on the mission to help sensitive, empathic individuals live their life's purpose and find true belonging in this wild world!

Fotini Chandrika Walton

Founder & Visionary,

~together with Horse Teachers:

Spirit, Malachi, Penny & Isa

White Branch

Horse Wisdom Yoga® is not Yoga on Horseback.  All of our Horse Teachers are non-ridden.

Loretto, Ontario




Tel: 905-729-3956


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